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Join our live, interactive, & online video tutorials hosted by some of the best teachers in Ireland
We are delighted to announce that our new schedule of tutorials exclusive to is now available. Hosted by some of the best teachers in Ireland, these tutorials can increase your likelihood of improving your grades and your exam performance.  

Each teacher has been chosen based on their years of experience in not only teaching but also helping their students succeed in exams & ultimately securing their future.  

There is a small charge for taking these classes - the more you take, the more you save!

1 Subject - €30 per week (€10 per hour)

2 Subjects - €50 per week (€8.33 per hour)

3 Subjects - €70 per week (€7.77 per hour)

ALL AVAILABLE SUBJECTS - €100 per week (€5.23 per hour, with ONE Maths class)

These are the perfect low-cost alternative to grinds or tutors, which can cost €50+ per hour.

Choose ALL available subjects and it will only cost €5.23 per hour!

✔️ LIVE & ONLINE tutorials, giving you an incredible level of interaction with the tutor

✔️ All classes will be conducted via video, so you can watch anywhere, helping you stay home & stay safe

✔️ All classes will be recorded and will be available to stream on in the very near future. Missed a class? Watch whenever you want online!
About our tutors

Higher Level & Ordinary Level Maths

Mr Tom Nolan is one of Ireland's leading Maths teachers and former principal of St Mary's College Galway.

Tom has been teaching Maths for over 30 years and he has helped thousands of students obtain exceptional results in Maths which has helped them in their further careers. We at are delighted to have a teacher of Tom's standing provide maths resources and classes to our students.

Biology & Chemistry

Mr Peter Jackson,'s Science & Biology Contributor, is the Head of Science at St Columbas College, Whitechurch, Co Dublin. Peter has over 30 years of teaching experience and has corrected Biology papers for the Department of Education for over 25 years and also marks appeals for the Department. Peter is also a published author of multiple textbooks, including "Essentials Unfolded - Chemistry" and “Exploring Biology".


Ms Emer Kilgannon is a teacher with 20 years of experience in teaching Higher Level Leaving Certificate. Not only this - she also has a background as an examiner in Higher Level Accounting!


Ms Chloe O'Regan is a highly experienced German teacher at Kinsale Community School.

English & History

Mr Bill McSweeney is an experienced English & History teacher, who is also the owner of the History Resource site -

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